The Eckstein’s – 11/19/16

Carrie, Max and I all play for the Denver Bulldogs Australian Football Rules Club–Max plays for the men’s dynasty, and Carrie and I play for the women’s dynasty (six straight national championships!). When Carrie reached out to me to see if I wanted to do their family photos for this year, I was ecstatic. They’re such a nice family. Plus they’ve got the cutest little girl, Burke, who is just over 2.5 years old now.

They recently purchased a home in Evergreen, Colorado, and Carrie wanted to do snow photos this year. Of course 2016 almost set a record for the longest time without snow in the metro area, and we jumped on the chance as soon as we saw snow in the forecast. I met them at their AMAZING property, which spans tens of acres with pretty trees, prairie grasses and scenic views.

The Eckstein’s were very open minded and didn’t mind hiking around in the snow, which–by the way–was some of the prettiest snow I’ve ever seen. It literally looked like glitter!

Sara nailed it. I didn’t say anything other than, ‘snow,’ and she did the rest. Thank you!”

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