The Herrera’s – 5/13/17

Nick and Angela reached out to me in late winter to find out if we could do a family photo shoot in the Littleton area. Knowing that Denver’s weather can be completely unpredictable in the spring, we made sure to book a “rain date” in the event of some foul weather. Of course we didn’t have any inclement weather in much of March and most of April … except the day Nick selected! In fact, we only got a mere 13 inches of snow in one day! Luckily the weather cleared, the snow melted and the mud dried in time for our rain date shoot.

Nick and Angela have the two sweetest kiddos, and they really wanted me to capture the essence of their family and kids with some posed shots but also with some candid photos. Going this route makes things run much smoother when toddlers are involved. The kids did so well, and we were all pleased with the final products.

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