The Agre’s – 12/31/15

I’ve known the Agre’s going on eight years now. Alex played rugby with my husband John “Zilla” for the Denver Highlanders, and I’m pretty sure I played against Wendi at some point when she played for the Colorado Springs SheWolves and I played for the Harlequin Olde Girls. They have three pretty cool kids: Max, Samantha, and Jackson. We shot these photos on New Years Eve, and it was FREEZING! I think it was only 18 degrees, so we had to make our outdoor shoot as quick as possible. When we went inside to warm up, I caught one photo of the kids on the sofa. This particular photo makes me smile every time I see it, because it shows the sheer joy and enthusiasm all kids are born with. I wish that we could keep this joy intact as we age!

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