Bree & Travis Engagement – 3/20/16

I was so unbelievably thrilled and honored to earn my first wedding shoot, and to top it off, I get to shoot the wedding of one of my oldest friends. Bree and I go way back — all the way back to when we were 9 years old. We did a lot of stuff and made a lot of memories together, but then high school hit, and we slowly drifted apart. It’s been so nice re-kindling our friendship the past few months.

At any rate, as part of my wedding photography package, I included a free engagement shoot. This shoot serves as a way to get me more familiar with Bree and Travis’ tastes, as well as get them used to being in front of the camera! Bree found a beautiful location at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills called Hildebrand Ranch Park. An old barn stands on the land and is also situated next to a creek and a lot of open prairie.

We started out with the barn, and Bree graciously hiked through the mud (it snowed a couple of days earlier) and didn’t mind or complain once! After that, we ventured over the creek and onto the open land. I’m so glad we did, too, because this was such a beautiful spot.

I intentionally asked them if we could do the shoot in the late evening, because I wanted to capture some amazing moments of their love for each other during the Golden Hour. I can full heartedly say that I accomplished what I set out to do with that last hour before sunset!

Let the countdown to their wedding begin!


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