The Lesnansky-Catherman’s – 10/30/16

Oh man…where do I start? Stazi and I go back a loooooong time. She was a high school freshman, and I was a junior. We both started playing rugby for the Littleton Harlequins the same week as each other in 2002. Then we traveled the country and world together through rugby. Then she was one of my bridesmaids. Then she had a baby girl. Then I had a baby boy four months later. She’s one of my closest friends, so I was really excited when she asked about doing a family photo session.

I met her, Ryan and Abby in Lakewood at a local park to get some photos of the family. Abby is such a sweetheart and super smart and talkative, but she did not like my camera! Not one bit! I mostly focused on candid shots versus posed shots, because she didn’t seem to notice me as much. And hey, I got a couple of really sweet photos!

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