The Swafford’s – 10/9/16

My husband and Aaron have worked at the same engineering firm for the past 10 years give or take a few, and the last time I saw “the twins,” Jace and Riley, they were only two or three years old! Heidi, Aaron and the kids visited our place over Labor Day weekend and noticed my photography gear. They mentioned in passing they just talked about needing to do a family photo. I offered to do a family session, and they scheduled–although they may have been a bit nervous, as they have never done outdoor photos before.

We met up on a really pretty autumn day in Golden, Colorado, and took full advantage of the changing colors and pretty skies. We even did some adventurous trekking to get down on the creek for some fun photos near the water and along the rocks.

Sara did a fantastic job with our family photos! She’s very creative and open minded. We will treasure these photos forever.”

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