The Hilsendager’s – 9/3/17

Cara Hilsendager Buss has been a very loyal client to me during the past year, so I graciously accepted her offer to shoot some family photos as a gift to her parents for their 50th wedding anniversary! The whole Hilsendager clan spent a fun weekend in the pretty Rocky Mountains as part of this milestone celebration.

Although we faced some harsh sun and shadows, we found a way to get some cute shots in nature. Luckily everyone was very easy going for the whole group shot (17 people in total!), and didn’t mind the kids holding suckers and looking this way and that way. Honestly, I personally think photos like these capture the family as they were in that moment in time (i.e. wrangling six babies and toddlers for a family photo)!

In the feature image, I asked Frank to whisper sweet nothings into Connie’s ear, and I captured a priceless moment. I love this photography trick, because it almost ALWAYS creates an amazing candid moment. I usually follow it up with something like, “I don’t want to know what was said, and I’m sure your kids don’t either!!!” It’s good for laugh 🙂

Congrats Frank and Connie on 50 years of marriage!

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