The Rohner’s – 9/15/17

Is it cheesy and lame to feature yourself on your own blog? Probably. But this is like a one-time thing. Since having my son, Michael, I’ve made a point to take a yearly photo of him as well as a yearly photo of our family. This is usually how it goes down with my husband and son:

Me: We need to get a family photo.
Husband: Uggggghhhhh. Why?
Me: Because. Also, you need to pick out a nice outfit. I’m wearing blah, blah, blah. Try to figure out something that will coordinate.
Husband: Uggggghhhhh. Why do we have to dress nice? This isn’t how we dress every day.
Me: No one needs to see how we dress every day. We are not taking photos in sweat pants, dirty jeans with rips in them or t-shirts with pit stains.
Husband: Uggggghhhhh.
Me: It’s for like FIVE minutes, and we only need one good shot. You’re gonna have to suffer.
*****At the shoot*****
My son: Screaming and refusing to look at the camera.
*****After I think we get one good shot and look at the camera on the tripod*****
Me: We’re done! We got one good photo!
Husband: THANK GOD!!!!
*****Major eye roll from me*****


I guess my family doesn’t see me being a photographer as a benefit but more like a nuisance!  Haha!


One thought on “The Rohner’s – 9/15/17

  1. My husband has the exact same reaction when I tell him it’s time for an updated family photo! Glad to hear I’m not alone in the trenches 🙂


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